Star Trek: The Next Generation had a huge legacy to live up to. Not just the thought-provoking storytelling of the original series — but also the amazing insane costumes. But TNG rose to the challenge. Here's our roundup of the most epic costumes in the Next Generation's first few seasons.

Random Aliens

Deanna Troi

Wesley Crusher


Lwaxana Troi

Some Truly Epic Belts

Up The Long Ladder

Better known as the one with the wacky Irish people:

When one of the Irish people wants to seduce Riker, she wears a crop-top that she crocheted specially for the occasion:

And then the Enterprise also travels to the planet where everybody dresses like David Byrne in Stop Making Sense:

Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

This was THE look at RISD in 1977.

Amazing Starfleet Adventure Gear

Allegiance - Beverly has a romantic dinner with Faux Picard.

A Matter of Perspective - Amazing Ruffles!

Angel One - on the female-dominated planet, Riker wears his best ever outfit

Booby Trap - Amazing Futuristic Beachwear

Plus Dr. Leah's Great Shoulderpads

Picard can make anything look cool.

Captain's Holiday: A sexy alien. Sort of.

But Vash is always sassy

Code of Honor - the combat outfit is truly amazing

The Most Toys - Back before Artie joined Warehouse 13. Love the sash!

These Dessert servers pop up in 10 Forward wearing Romulan castoffs sometimes

Speaking of which, Guinan rocked some amazing hats...

Haven - this episode has so many great looks

Riker's Samurai combat outfit from Icarus

Justice - How did they keep these costumes attached?

Worf's Awesome Girlfriend K'Ehleyr

The Vengeance Factor

Again, great shoulderpads. And weird jewelry strap thing.

Riker sees something he likes. It's the V-collar.

NOW it's a party.

Who Watches the Watchers: Vulcans go Full Elfquest

Transfigurations. Love the Onesie. And the weird pattern collar thingy

The Famous TNG Skant

The Hunted

It's the less outrageous Okona.

And the gang of turtleneck bureaucrats.

The Ensigns of Command

It's the Jedi planet!

Peak Performance - this guy knows he's looking awesome.

Loud as a Whisper - nice empire-waist uniform!

Menage a Troi - love Riker's look of total dignity

The Naked Now - Yar's sexytime outfit

Penpals - Picard can ROCK ANYTHING.

Sarek - the many flavors of Vulcan fashion

Tin Man - you can't wear just one ruffle

The Emissary - Worf's Awesome Klingon Uniform

The High Ground - Genuinely love these uniforms

Samaritan Snare - Pulaski's great surgical costume, right out of Cronenberg

Symbiosis - awesome disco outfits

The Survivors - amazing buttons

The Dauphin - which Ninja Turtle is this?

The Outrageous Okona really is. He really is.

The Price

And finally, Beverly and Deanna's infamous workout clothes.

All screencaps via the amazing