Or at least we think it does.

Spoilers Ahead!

Being Human rockets forward, back into the present day timeline. But not after some crazy shenanigans. I'm OK with Being Human's"darkest timeline" being over with. It did what it needed to do, which is bring this series back from treading water. And remind us all of the many moments we've adored with these characters in the past.


Sally is dead-zo again, Josh is stuck forever as a werewolf and banished to a pie shop (that he owns, works at? not sure, I may have missed that). And Aidan is back in the vampire pack, which allowed us some QT with Bishop. Bishop makes everything. Thankfully, Aidan isn't totally lost and winds up betraying his maker father yet again.

But just as fast as everything is set up, it's all quickly erased, thanks to Donna. The immortal (ish) witch shows up and sets everything back to normal. Sadly, this means Aidan will forget his whole love affair with Sally (but she will remember it) — but it's not like it really matters, because she's a ghost now and there's nothing they can do about it anyway. Or maybe there is. You know, magic and shit.


Now we get to the interesting part (the above clip). Right before Sally lands in her original timeline, her spirit lands in the future. There she witnesses Aidan MURDERING Josh. So, that's happening. I'm glad they didn't dump the whole "two best friends at each other's throats" premise from the darkest timeline, because that was really a lot of fun.

Sure, Lil' Smokie is floating around somewhere in this house, waiting to pop up and fill in an episode — but the meat is all Aidan and Josh, fighting. It's a totally new dynamic, and I can't wait to see these two take it out for a ride.

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