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The role of the companion on Doctor Who has a legacy over 50 years in the making—there are expectations and demands on them that are almost as heavy as put upon those taking on the role of the Doctor. So what’s the one piece of wisdom that’s been shared between Doctor Who’s last three companions? It’s... not what you’d expect.


Speaking to the Radio Times about looking forward to seeing Pearl Mackie taking her place next year, Jenna Coleman revealed the single most crucial piece of advice she gave to the young actress replacing her—a sage piece of wisdom she herself received from Karen Gillan when she joined the show:

[It] was the best places to eat in Cardiff. So you know, the practical, valuable stuff. And other than that, you know: it’s an adventure, and enjoy it. I don’t think Pearl would need any advice from me really.


There you have it: the key to survival as the Doctor’s best friend is actually the best places to eat while you’re running around Cardiff filming the show. Not, surprisingly, how to handle the fame or all the endless corridor running and shocked-face pulling required of being a Doctor Who companion. Who knew?

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