Sure, it was pretty neat when the JLA met the Avengers. And Archie Vs. Punisher deserves a fond place in everyone's heart, forever. But the best crossover of all time is coming soon: Groo the Wanderer versus Conan the Barbarian. Only one of these titanic heroes can prevail.

How did we go so long without this masterpiece appearing on our shelves? For those who missed it, Groo the Wanderer is a long running series by Mad Magazine cartoonist Sergio Aragones, with writing by Jack Kirby expert Mark Evanier. It follows a hapless, clumsy barbarian who goes around creating bigger problems than he solves and wrecking people's villages. And he's weirdly obsessed with cheese dip.


There are some preview pages from this masterpiece over at Crave Online. Just witness the splendor of the cover image:

Is that not a thing of awe and wonder?

Here's one other excerpt, where the story randomly breaks and we see Aragones and Evanier discussing the idea of a crossover:


I am so glad I lived to see this. At last, I know what is best in life: watching Conan learn about cheese dip. See tons more preview pages over at Crave Online.

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