The Most Immature Thing We Did at AAAS

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The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is a pretty serious organization, and every year they have a very serious conference devoted to things like helping people in the developing world, saving the environment, curing cancer, and solving the global energy crisis. We at io9, however, are not quite as serious. In fact, we're the kind of people who shouldn't be allowed off leashes, especially in places where science is being done. Here's what we did at AAAS after we escaped from the security guards who tried to stop us from stealing skulls from the evolution exhibit and replacing them with little models of the monolith from 2001.*

So here's what we did: we went around the AAAS exhibit hall and took pictures of any sign that made us think of something sexual or made us want to yell the word "dude!" really loudly. When we took the picture of the PNAS sign, the guy in the booth looked all suspicious and said, "Are you making fun of our sign?" We admitted that we were, but he was really nice about it. Nobody else even noticed that their signs were dirty. Even the chick whose poster said "talking dirty" on it.

OK, fine. So what we did wasn't really that mean and just shows that we are a bunch of immature dorks. But in our defense, we did do a public service. We took a stack of "pocket guides" on WMDs from the FBI's booth and handed them out at the airport. You know, for science education.


* Actually, we didn't really steal the skulls. That guy in the picture did.

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Annalee Newitz

@nutbastard: We couldn't really be mean to the AAAS people because there were literally no evil corporate shills, only nice nonprofit people. So we just fell back on our natural immaturity instead.