The most gorgeous Leidenfrost video I’ve ever seen

We've seen water beading on hot surfaces due to the Leidenfrost effect, but this video shows a slow-motion droplet dancing on its cloud of vapor. It's the coolest thing ever, and only lasts for a few seconds.

The Leidenfrost Effect is fairly well-known. It happens whenever a liquid touches a surface hot enough to vaporize it instantly. This liquid can be nitrogen touching a slightly warm substance, or regular water touching a red-hot skillet. The bottom layer of the liquid evaporates instantly, and starts traveling upwards. This lifts the layer of liquid above it, so it doesn't touch the surface. Instead, it seems to slide and skitter as a liquid bead. We can all see this at home if we heat up our pans or irons enough, but here we see how the droplet actually moves when it's skittering. It's an absolutely gorgeous video. Try to watch it only once.

Via Annual Reviews.

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Where did the Leidenfrost effect get its name from? The 'frost' part is pretty apt...