The Most Futuristic Electrified Devices of the 1920s and 30s

In early twentieth century America, the craze for new and futuristic devices was going at full tilt. Instead of lusting after the latest Nexus, you'd crave the latest electrified refrigerator or radio for your home. Here are a few of the items that enraptured people in the 1920s and 30s who were seeking high tech thrills.

What's most incredible about these devices is their beautiful design — these were items that were supposed to suggest a brave new futuristic world, and their designs reflect this aspiration.


Black and Decker Portable Electric Drills

Produced in various sizes.

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The Automatic Toastmaster, from 1926


"This amazing new invention makes perfect toast every time! Without turning! Without burning!" And here is the instruction manual!


Electric Razor


(via Modern Mechanics, February 1932)

Polar Cub Hair Dryer, from 1923


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Upright vacuum cleaners, 1920s


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The Forgettable Kettles


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Vibrators for the massage of the (ahem) skin


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Electrical self-heating irons with three (hot, medium and low) settings


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Refrigerators in the 1930s


The household refrigerators were produced starting in 1915, but they gained a wider acceptance in the USA in the 30s, when the prices went down.

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