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The Most Fun Zombie Movie We've Seen In Ages Was Made By High Schoolers

The students at Oak Park High in Winnipeg turned their high school into ground zero for the apocalypse in this short zombie romantic comedy. What this film lacks in budget, it more than makes up for in a sense of wild fun.


Zombie High was produced by Oak Park High's Independent Film company, and for all their youth, there's a lot of promise in these young filmmakers. Zombies are a great subject for a no-budget film, but sometimes the results can by dreary and dull. This team clearly put a lot of thought into their characters and gags, and it results in a satisfying—and often funny—zombie bloodbath.

[via Boing Boing]

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I still want to see a zombie film set in a universe where previous zombie films exist. The characters have then previously seen these films and they avoid tactics that didn't work. I have no idea how it'd turn out, but the only other film I can think of that did it was "Diary of the Dead" and they still got totally confused and bewildered when zombies starting showing up. I want main characters who instantly recognize a zombie, take care of it, and then start panicking because that fantasy of a zombie apocalypse they've always wanted is happening and they're regretting it.