The Most Eye-Popping (And Brain-Popping) Scenes From 10.5: Apocalypse!

Say what you want about Roland Emmerich. He'd have to work pretty hard to make a disaster movie as ludicrous (and as ridiculous-looking) as the 2006 miniseries 10.5: Apocalypse. Check out these wonderfully bad special effects, where a couple on a ski-lift get caught by a sudden volcanic eruption!


In 10.5, all the earthquakes start happening. The whole Western United States goes plooey, basically. Here's a great moment where a Vegas showgirl is killed, trying to get out of a collapsing basement — love the hard zoom onto her dead body.

At the climax of this movie, two things are happening. 1) Dean Cain is trying to get the survivors of that Vegas basement out — minus Frank Langella, who was already rescued earlier, because he's the only one who knows how to divert a seismic fault around a nuclear reactor. And Dean Cain is killed, saving his brother and his brother's pregnant wife. Nooooooooooo! Love how he keeps saying he'll be fine. Martyr. And 2) Frank Langella, having been rescued from that basement earlier, has come up with a plan to blow some shit up and prevent the giant faultlines from breaking the nuclear plant open.


Here's the clip where both of those plotlines come to a climax, with Dean Cain's death and the seismic fault being diverted so it misses the nuclear plant:

Dean Cain week continues, bitches! You can't stop the reign of Cain!

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On a more serious note, the anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is excellent. All the locations are real.