Deathstalker is one of our favorite movies*, and it's hard to pick just one moment to share from this fantasy cheesefest.

We could have picked the scene where a swordswoman attacks Deathstalker and her friends in the middle of the night, wearing nothing but a cloak and a sort of loincloth thingy, so she's swordfighting topless. Or the bit shortly after that where she has sex with Deathstalker in front of all his friends. Or the bit where the evil overlord forces women to mud-wrestle for his amusement. Or the bit where the crone first tells Deathstalker to go after his heroic destiny, and he has a try at acting callous and caddish before giving in to his inevitable heroicness. Or or or... there are so many other scenes.


But here's the most empowering moment. First the women of the overlord's harem, who've been mistreated and kidnapped and forced to mud-wrestle throughout the entire movie, rise up and slaughter their captors. (Try and figure out what kind of squeezy baby toy they're using for the women's squeals of excitment at their liberation. It's really kind of amazing.) And then Deathstalker finds the magic sword and the magic amulet and his oiled-up pecs glisten with a brooding intensity as he seizes the glowy sword of destiny and uses it to get the shiny amulet of awesomeness, before beheading the random bad guy. Because this moment, more than any other, makes us feel like we can be anything we want to be.

* Seriously — recently they were showing Deathstalker at a local theater, on the same night that an Important Literary Figure was doing a reading. I chose the reading, but we're still not sure if we made the right choice.