Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts have gone through their share of costume changes, but these tough, gorgeous, and just plain adorable fan redesigns go bit farther than we see in the comics, TV shows, and movies, giving us bikers, warriors, space adventurers, and punks all rooted in Usagi and her friends.

The top image of the Bōsōzoku Sailor Scouts is by Babs Tarr, who will be drawing the upcoming run of Batgirl and co-designed Batgirl's new look with Cameron Stewart. These gals also got their own group cosplay.

It's hard to top Kevin Wada's Sailor Scouts, which combine myth and fashion to create a formidable team:

Abigail L. Dela Cruz infuses her adorable Sailor Scouts with retro space cool. But don't let their cuteness fool you; those rayguns are serious business:

Abraham Cruz gives his tutu-wearing Sailor Scouts drama and flair:

You can see them all in his gallery, but we're particularly fond of his Sailor Jupiter:

Concept artist Claire Hummel's historical princess gowns always wow. Her Sailor Moon design is based on an early Edwardian evening gown, and given Usagi's familiar colors.

Inspired by Benjamin Anders' updated redesigns of the Sailor Scouts (with a cat-eared Sailor Venus), W. Scott Forbes made this luminous illustration. You can see the line art and close-ups of the Scouts at his blog:

Sasha Mutch gave the Inner Senshi a fantasy RPG makeover. Head over to her blog to see each individual animated Scout:

We want to see a full-body version of this futuristic Sailor Moon by hellcorpceo:

Numerous artists have attempted the Steampunk Sailor Moon, but Laura Sava's comes with some particularly grand weaponry. She has also redesigned Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury as goth girls:

Zack Sterling outfits a punk rock version of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon:

Stefan Tosheff gives Sailor Moon a simple superhero dress with a short cape — and shows her fresh from a skirmish:

And Ryann Shannon does another set of punk rock Scouts, and it would be great fun to watch these gals deliver a pummeling: