The most awesomely ridiculous science fiction/fantasy-themed wrestling "characters"

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Remember when wrestling used to be filled with "Supermen"? Many of wrestling's craziest gimmicks have had a fantasy/scifi theme. From a Mortal Kombat rip-off to a man from the future, here are ten of wrestling's most way-out scifi characters.

These bizarre characters are what got me into wrestling during the early 90's. It was like watching a real life cartoon, and the fighting helped make it entertaining (yeah, yeah the "fake fighting" for some of you). Either way, that's how wrestling was, before the "Attitude Era" started, and we got more "real" characters.

The Yeti

Let's start this list off with something outrageous and stupid. What you see to the left is the Yeti… yes, that bandage-covered giant was called the Yeti. The Yeti has been frozen in a giant block of ice, and the oh-so-evil Dungeon of Doom has been waiting for the time when the "7 foot 8 inch" monster would help them destroy Hulk Hogan. When the ice thawed out, the Yeti was revealed to be a giant mummy — and made quite the impact on his debut, which you can see below.

This was supposed to look like a Double Bear Hug — instead, it looks like the Yeti is humping the hell out of Hogan.

Papa Shango

This evil voodoo doctor can cast spells on folks, such as making his foes feel pain and having them barf for no reason. The highlight of Papa Shango's career was his feud with the Ultimate Warrior, in which we were introduced to the curse — which causes black goo to come out of people. Shango pretty much disappeared after the feud ended, and the wrestler, Charles Wright, went on to become Kama Mustafa and The Godfather.


Ultimate Warrior

Speaking of the Ultimate Warrior, here he is. Warrior was known for his energy and face paint. During matches, he would point to the heavens for power and then start hulking up in his own way. He also had the ability to cut a promo that made no sense, yet fit his character. The video below shows a few examples of the Warrior's promos — which always made me wonder why the wrestler was cheered as a "face," given that most of his promos seemed more fitting for a "heel." In a worrying sign, the wrestler officially changed his real name to Warrior.

The Boogeyman

"A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, helps the medicine go down… I'm the Boogeyman, and I'm coming to get'cha" Yes, this was a man who would recite snippets of Mary Poppins and say his catch phase while eating some worms. Although The Boogeyman was mainly used for comedic purposes, he did bring some entertainment and grossness to the WWE. The man ate a "growth" off a women's face, and even though you could tell it was fake, it still made me sick to my stomach.



Half man and half bull, The Mantaur was known to squash jobbers around. While wrestling with his opponent, he would perform antics that bulls were known for — including mooing at his opponents. Probably Mantaur's best match was with the "Bad Guy" Razor Ramon. The match proved that the character can be a mid-carder — but unfortunately, the gimmick didn't even last for a whole year.



A wrestler that had somehow fused martial arts and wrestling, Glacier was the master of the Cryonic Kick. While the character had an amazing entrance and outfit, which both cost WCW a lot of money, the character just seemed to get no reaction from the live crowd. While some people out there will say that he is nothing but a Sub-Zero rip-off, there is a pretty big internet fan base that will say he was one of the greatest.


Damien Demento

Damien Demento hails from the "outer reaches of your mind." Personally, I thought the man looked like a vulture when he had the shoulder gear on. Demento was undefeated against no-names for a few months but sadly, it came to an end when he lost to the Undertaker for the first episode of RAW's main event. After that, it seemed that his career just went downhill, and eventually was gone from the WWE. Nowadays, you can find Demento ranting on YouTube about various topics... from the outer reaches of your mind.


Max Moon

Maxmillion "Max" Moon was a man from the future. Apparently, everyone in the future wears a helmet and suit that's supposed to look like a circuit board. The character was created by Konnan, and WWE actually paid $1,300 to make the costume. Once Konnan left, WWE handed it to another wrestler who could fit the suit, so that the money wasn't wasted. While the suit and the fireworks-shooting armbands caught the attention of children, Max Moon's wrestling ability couldn't keep my attention at all.

The Shockmaster

I don't think I can introduce the man no other way but by having you check out the video of the shocking debut of the man who was supposed to shock the world.

Was that shocking enough for you? Not only was Shockmaster wearing an obvious Stormtrooper helmet covered in glitter, this gimmick and debut became one of wrestling's most embarrassing and hilarious moments. They tried to make up for it by introducing the Super Shockmaster (the nephew of The Shockmaster), who was pretty much a klutz like his "Uncle Fred."


The Zombie

We've probably saved the best for last, since this wrestler actually has a cult fan base. When (WW)ECW was revived, it was going to be aired on the Sci-Fi Channel. In order for the wrestling show to "fit" with the scifi theme of the channel, we get the awesome, one time appearance of The Zombie. Unfortunately for the zombie, he met a sad fate against The Sandman, just like the mummy that appeared on the next episode.

I'm sure by now, some of you are probably asking where the hell are the Undertaker and Kane? For this list, I wanted to point out the characters that aren't used in today's world of wrestling. But feel free to name the other scifi/fantasy-themed wrestling characters you've liked in the comments!


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