We've had a lot of superhero films this year — but a strong candidate for the year's wildest superheroic ride might be Krrish 3, the Bollywood extravaganza featuring ice-cream-stealing mutants, face-melting kisses, and much much more. We've screencapped the best bits.

Warning: Major Spoilers for Krrish 3 ahead...

So Krrish 3 is maybe not quite as good as Thor: The Dark World or Iron Man 3, but it has a lot of heart and the fight scenes are fantastic. In this two-and-a-half-hour movie, there's probably at least half an hour of amazing superheroic combat, maybe even 45 minutes. And it has heart, which counts for a lot. Sadly, the dance sequences did not blow me away, and there are only like three or four of them.

So this is the first thing Krrish 3 has going for it. Not so much the Hrithik Roshan on the right, the dad, but the version on the left — Roshan has been working out a bit. Feel jealous and vaguely threatened, Stephen Amell.

There's a fantastic scene early in the film where Krrish saves a plane that's going to crash — yes, just like Superman Returns. The difference here is that Krrish can't fly (although he seems to later in the movie, his powers being inconsistent) — so he has to run across the rooftops and try to catch up to the plane by jumping, and finally by grabbing an antenna and swinging himself around.

Here he is lowering the plane's landing gear while it's in mid air.

But he still finds time to save a little kid and then hang out with him, teaching him that we're all Krrish. (No prizes for guessing that the kid later believes in Krrish at a crucial moment in the film, inspiring everybody.)

This is Kaal, the film's villain. Surrounded by his "Manimals," who are half-human, half-animal mutant hybrids.

Kaal is so evil, he engineers a mutant with a supertongue, and then makes him eat butterflies. Butterflies!

This is what the mutant looks like after he's just eaten a butterfly.

There's a flashback to Kaal's childhood, where he looks incredibly evil and kind of massive-browed, as he browbeats his father for not knowing where Kaal gets his telekinetic powers. His father insists he doesn't know — so Kaal throws a steak knife at him, killing him. Brutal.

Kaal's main henchperson is Kaya, a shapeshifter. Kaal wants to unleash a deadly disease on Mumbai, holding the city for ransom, so he sends Kaya to deal with the head of the disease control agency. Instead of just disguising herself as a random health bureaucrat, she dresses up in a red dress, playing the femme fatale, then steals the agency head's identity long enough to kill a whistleblower.

Then, instead of just walking out of there disguised as the agency head, she changes to her true form — note awesome bustier and crotch harness — and jumps out the window. Becuase why not.

Tongue mutant comes to Mumbai to unleash the virus — but spends about ten minutes stealing ice cream from people's cones. Seriously. This scene goes on and on, with people buying ice cream over and over, only to have it stolen by tongue mutant every time. Eventually, Krrish notices there's a massive tongue scooping ice cream out of people's cones.

So Krrish gets into a huge fight with tongue mutant, who uses his tongue to smash cars. Seriously, he uses it like a club, smashing cars into scrap metal. Also a lot of strangling. This guy does not care what he tastes, especially after all that ice cream.

Krrish gets a huge celebration, with a statue, after he saves Mumbai. Tony Stark has hot babes in Iron Man outfits dancing around him, but Krrish gets a billion little kids in Krrish costumes.

Another fight scene — tongue mutant and Kaya the shapeshifter attack Krrish, and tongue mutant throws a log at Krrish, who catches it. Then Kaya does gymnastics on top of the log while Krrish holds it.

Kaya kisses Krrish so hard she sucks his face off. Love this scene.

Krrish uses his superspeed to wail on Kaya, while she dodges. Did I mention I love the fight scenes in this movie? They're unabashedly acrobatic and wild.


Eventually, Krrish ties tongue guy's tongue around a tree branch, and around tongue guy's own neck, but I lost my screencap of that moment. It's pretty awesome.

Eventually, Krrish and Kaya team up and storm Kaal's fortress, where they fight this guy:

And this guy:

And a bunch of other Manimals.

A lotta pro wrestling moves in this movie.

Rhino guy gets his head smashed into a milion pipes, which all break and release steam. Awesome.

One mutant runs around and around Krrish at superspeed and he just stands there until he suddenly lunges out with one arm and grabs her.

Kaal gets a power up and decides to create a new costume out of scraps of metal, causing him to look like a cross between Shaq in Steel and Arnie in Batman and Robin, for the last 45 minutes of the film.

It all ends up with a giant boss fight in Mumbai, with Kaal and Krrish smashing each other into buildings and trashing whole city blocks, in a scene very reminiscent of the end of some other recent U.S. films. But then something amazing happens. Krrish notices there are innocent bystanders who are getting hurt, and he turns all of his attention to trying to save the civilians. There is a long sequence where Krrish is in mid air, holding up a huge chunk of a building that threatens to fall onto people, and Kaal is beating him up, but he won't let the building fall on the people. Krrish gets pretty badly hurt trying to save the civilians.

Krrish realizes there's a baby in the middle of the rubble, and a building is going to fall on it. So he throws himself on top of the baby and lets the rubble cover him. When Kaal pulls the rubble off, Krrish is shielding the baby with his body. It's a great moment.

And finally, just in case you didn't get that Krrish is awesome, here's his great hero shot at the end. Definitely track down this movie and watch it with your friends, because it is awesome. The end.