The Most Awesome Duos (So Far) in the io9 Halloween Costume Show

Halloween falls on a Friday party night this year, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be dressing up and trick-or-treating every night for the next week and a half. That's exactly what everybody's doing in io9's Halloween costume show Flickr pool, and we've picked out some of the coolest and cutest of the costume duos in the parade for your viewing pleasure. Above, we've got Candestine's photo of Six and an unnamed Twi'lek, who look like they're ready to kick ass. Below we've got some more unlikely duos. Madolan posted this ultra-cute picture of Number Six and Number Two (with Rover!) from The Prisoner.


And Idyll's Snake Eyes from GI Joe is about to take down Agent Mulder, which is a plot line I would like to see.

More of the cuteness with Dollar Bin's shot of himself in 1977, dressed as R2D2 with Pete the Vampire. He notes that the hat is made of a colander, and the front of the R2D2 outfit contained a TV dinner tray. Nice.


You can submit your own photos to the io9 Halloween Scifi Costume Show Flickr pool, and we might feature them on the site during Halloween frenzy next week! Be sure to only submit pictures of yourself in scifi-style gear.

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