We've seen some absolutely stunning images of our planet from space before — but now, NASA and a slew of Facebook members have definitively chosen the best of all time.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of NASA's Landsat series of Earth observation satellites, NASA asked the public to vote for the five best images out of the 120 in its Earth As Art series. Above is Lake Eyre (pronounced "air") in Northern Australia, where a lake bed has only been filled with water three times in the past 150 years.


Here are the other four winners:

Algerian Abstract — those pale yellow streaks are actually "wind-blown sand."


"Meandering Mississippi" — the blocky shapes of towns, fields and pastures surround the Mississippi river.

The Yukon Delta — those things that look like blood vessels are rivers and deltas spreading out from the river.


"Van Gogh From Space" — greenish phytoplankton swirl around Gotland, a Swedish island.