The most astonishing timelapse of Burning Man you will ever see

Burning Man 2013 may have come to a close, but now's the time when all the cool videos start to come out. Case in point is this stunning timelapse of Blackrock City as seen from the peak of Old Razorback, a height of 1,888 feet.

The week-long countercultural festival, which is held every year at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, celebrates community, art, and radical self-expression. Among other things, Burning Man is renowned for its ephemeral Black Rock City — which this year was host to a reported 68,000 inhabitants.

But it's also known for its extraordinary visuals, from dust storms and hoards of incoming vehicles, to laser shows and massive burns. And this year was no exception.


The above video was produced by Mark Phipps, John Phipps, Dallon Phipps, Kevin Johnson and Meghan Johnson. The music was provided by OpenOptics (Inspired Flight) and Dusty Nix (,

"This is a view that most will never experience in person," writes the video team. "It is our passion to share it with the world through the lens of a camera. Climbing 1,888 feet in less than a mile over steep, unstable mountainside is a dangerous and exhilarating mission. This year we deployed cameras during the build week, capturing the growth of the city and ending it the night of the burn."

Oh, and don't forget to click on HD if your setup can support it.


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Looks like an alien city.