Stop whatever you are doing and watch this hilarious French trailer for the amazing and animation Apocalypse Pizza Video, in which a team of pizza and video delivery workers attempt to get your order to you, on time, during the midst of a zombie apocalypse. It's pretty spectacular.

Apocalypse Pizza by blankytwo Apocalypse Pizza Video

Director Andres Fernandez has made beautiful animated art. Pure and simple. Watch the short teaser for the French pizza delivery film that is simply wonderful. There's still no release date, but we do have a small collection of animated concept art.



[via Quiet Earth]


In other beautiful movie news, check out the teaser trailer for Jorge Torregrossa's Spanish film, Fin. It's your usual end-of-the-world drama, but with a strange friendship twist. Release date for Fin is set August 31st.

After years without seeing you, a group of friends meets a weekend in a house in the mountains. The shadow of a murky episode from the past plans to during the meeting. During the first night, a strange incident disrupts their plans being completely isolated. They decide to go out and seek help. But along the way the Group disintegrates while a new natural order is imposed.