How do you convince consumers that your product has real staying power? Show people using it in the future. These ads are filled with robots, flying cars, and distant planets—and occasionally uncanny views of the future.

A Royal Typewriter ad from the 1930s

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"A Man's Home is His Castle," National Hotel Management Corporation, illustration by Arthur Radebaugh, c. 1938

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New paint ingredient solves difficult problem for world of tomorrow, 1939

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Seagram's whisky ads from LIFE Magazine, early 1940s

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"Visions of the Future" ads for Bohn, from the 1940s

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Retrofuturistic ads for the National Motor Bearing Corporation in Fortune Magazine, early 1950s

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Galaxy Light Whiskey, the Pan Galactic Gargle Baster of the '60s

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RCA transistors ad with illustration by A. C. Radebaugh, 1964

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Tomorrow's Lestoil, 1968

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Benson & Hedges 100's ad from the 1970s

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Tom Baker Prime Computer ads from 1980

Here you can find more hilarious computer ads from the Golden Age of PCs.

Bonus: Hooray for Moloko Plus! from a 1951 Starlac Nonfat Milk ad

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