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The Most Adorable "Monster Martial Arts Training Montage" You'll Watch This Week

Check out an exclusive clip from Saturday's brand new episode of Kaijudo, the show about kids who fight using monsters. (Kaiju + Judo = Kaijudo. Geddit?) It's surprisingly cute, especially when they all try to command the lethal firebird creature, using their energy gauntlets and soul power and stuff. I'm pretty much a sucker for monster-based martial arts.


Kaijudo airs this Saturday at 8 PM on The Hub.

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... wasn't this a book? Isn't there a book about a bunch of teens who fight evil with Kaiju? It might have started with an R or something and been named after the main kid's monster. I think it's on my Kindle, but with 900+ books only BARELY organised, I'd never find it.