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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly roundup of the coolest toys we’ll inevitably be spending all our hard earned money on by next Black Friday. We’ve got adorable Lego Justice League members, swanky Star Wars guards, and the most ridiculous four-wheeler any kid could want. Come take a look!


Takara Tomy Street Fighter Transformers

In what has to be one of the weirder pop-culture mashups we’ve seen, next year Takara Tomy will be releasing a couple of new Transfomers sets featuring robot versions of Street Fighter’s Ken, Ryu, Chun Li, and M. Bison (also known as Vega in Japan) that turn into jets, tanks, and cars. The Ryu and M. Bison set is available for pre-order now for around $116, while the Chun Li and Ken pairing is a little cheaper at around $77—but unfortunately it’ll only ship to Japan. [Takara Tomy via Rock Paper Shotgun]


Millennium Falcon Book Light

If your evening’s reading material doesn’t have its own backlight, then the Millennium Falcon can come to the rescue of your eyesight. This clip-on reading light, available from ThinkGeek for $15, is shaped like a miniature version of the Falcon, complete with a set of white LEDs where you’d assume the ship’s headlights would be. (Do space ships need headlights?) It’s powered by a couple of coin-sized batteries which should keep it glowing for a while, but it’s also got a 30-minute automatic shutoff to help extend battery life should you happen to fall asleep. [ThinkGeek]


Lego Justice League BrickHeadz

With thousands of characters in the Marvel and DC Comics universes, you can safely assume that Lego is going to keep expanding its collectible BrickHeadz line throughout 2018, starting with this new Justice League lineup available starting in January. Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg will each set you back $10, and we’re going to assume the missing Batman and Superman will be maybe showing up as a new edition two-pack at some point. [Facebook via The Hollywood Reporter]


Viking Santa Riding a Fire-Breathing Dragon Tree Topper

Looking to fill a Game of Thrones-sized hole in your heart this holiday season? Tide yourself over until the final season with this alternative tree topper that swaps a twinkling star or cherubic angle for a Viking version of Santa riding a fire-breathing dragon. Instead of connecting to your Christmas lights, this showstopper is powered by its own batteries, so you can also use it as a self-standing centerpiece at Christmas dinner. Only 500 are being made and sold, however, so head on over to the Gorilla Goodies site and pre-order one for $80 while you still can. [Gorilla Goodies]

Hot Toys Star Wars: The Last Jedi Praetorian Guards


Hot Toys has a thing with its Star Wars line where you’re inevitably treated to every possible variant of a helmeted character, simply because it’s an easy rework once you’ve made one version of it. At least with Supreme Leader Snoke’s new guards, the company is sidestepping that a little bit by the fact that the character comes with two different helmets, so you can recreate one of the several subtle differences in the designs without having to just buy a whole extra figure released later. Obviously, you’re gonna buy two just to pose the different helmets and weapons at the same time anyway, right? Right? [Hot Toys]


Monster Jam Grave Digger Ride-on Toy

Has your kid been bugging you for a monster truck of their own but you don’t have $125,000 to spend on this miniature replica that can hit 25 miles per hour? This Monster Jam Grave Digger ride-on toy is slightly more affordable at $400, and can seat a couple of kids, aged three and over, as long as they each weigh less than 88 pounds. The truck’s got working lights and sounds, high and low gearbox settings, and on a single charge will run for about 40 minutes, even while your kids crush cars underneath the tires—as long as they’re Hot Wheels cars. [Walmart]