In this short film, known winningly as "Geisha Cop: Fearsome Geisha Corps - Go to Hell!", you'll witness the kinds of spy gadgets that James Bond only dreams of. Geisha Cop has infiltrated an evil corporation where office ladies drink the blood of naughty salarymen for lunch (literally). Now she's ready to dish out justice, not just because of the blood-drinking, but mostly because the evil Geisha Corps tortured her salaryman brother.


In this showdown where Geisha Cop reveals herself, we discover that the greatest spy gadget of all - the AssSword - draws its power from shame. It's not clear whether this is the shame of the person wearing it, or the people watching her. At any rate, it's a great weapon that can even deflect bullets, and I can't wait to see Tom Cruise wear it in the next Mission Impossible movie.

I know you'll be shocked to find out that this gem was directed by Japanese cult master Noburo Iguchi. It comes as a special extra with his RoboGeisha DVD from Funimation.


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