The Monstrous Return of Darth Maul to the Star Wars Universe on Clone Wars!

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Clone Wars reaches its peak as Darth Maul returns, Archer's wife comes back from the dead, and we preview this week's DC Nation in what may be the largest edition of Saturday Morning Cartoons yet! As always, minor spoilers ahead!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Brothers"

Savage Opress, the force-sensitive brother of Darth Maul, seeks out his kin to find out if he truly met his end at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Meanwhile, Anakin senses something sinister in The Force, and confides in Ahsoka. The first clip shows Savage Opress' arrival on a planet in the Outer Rim.

The second clip is EXTREMELY spoilerific and shows Darth Maul's new form and rather bizarre behavior. According to the Star Wars Timeline, Darth Maul could have spent a decade in this cave, so his bizarre personality is well within reason. Personally, I'm pretty darn excited to have the coolest villain of the prequels back.


Green Lantern: TAS – "Green Lantern's Light"

Cartoon Network is showing second half of November's Green Lantern special this week during DC Nation. In this episode, Kilowog and Hal Jordan try to stop the Red Lanterns from destroying Colony 12, the home of one of their fellow Lanterns. You can check out some nice Red Lantern lava vomit action in this clip!

Young Justice – "Misplaced"

In this episode, the teen superheroes are attacked by some of DC's coolest supernatural villains. Batman and Zatana show up to aid, as they wonder whether to call on Dr. Fate to help, but Zatanna takes action into her own hands.

The second episode of the season, Coldhearted, airs later today (turn on your tv!), but here is a preview. The episode centers on Wally West and takes place on his sixteenth birthday, as he tries to fulfill his dream of joining the Justice League.


DC Nation Short – "Aardman" & "Plastic Man in... Super Hero Sketch Artist"

Here are two great shorts from last Saturday's DC Nation block, with the first featuring a take on Superman, Joker, and Batman by the British production studio, Aardman animations, the people Wallace and Gromit.

The second short features Plastic Man, voiced by Tom Kenny from the 2006 Plastic Man pilot, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and SpongeBob Squarepants. This short is likely the first time anyone asked for their superhero of choice to be the Martian Manhunter. I'm sorry it took this long, J'onn J'onzz.


Marvel Anime: Blade – "Old Wounds, Fresh Blood"

Blade meets an enlisted vampire soldier with terrible flashbacks to time spent in Vietnam in this episode along with an assassin named Kikyo Mikage as he searches the jungle to find Deacon Frost.


Archer – "Skin Game"

There really isn't much from this episode I can show sandwiched in between summaries of My Little Pony and Regular Show and still sleep at night. If you are an Archer fan, go find this episode and prepare for comedic insanity. I'll just say that the resurrection of Archer's long-dead wife, Katya, as a cyborg is the most normal event in the episode. Paaaam!


Transformers Prime – "Orion Pax, Part 3"

The last episode of the Orion Pax trilogy kicks off with Megatron confronting Orion Pax about sneaking around in the Decepticon databases. Pax knows he is Prime, but Megatron beats him down with great lines like "You are my clerk." Who calls Optimus Prime a pencil pusher and lives? Megatron.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – "Putting Your Hoof Down"

Who would have thought lovely little ponies need self-help gurus? They seem too happy. Iron Will, a minotaur and motivational speaker, comes to Ponyville and convinces Fluttershy to be a little more assertive and aggressive.

The episode It's About Time airs later today, with Twilight receiving an eerie warning from her future self. Time traveling ponies!


Dan Vs. – "The Gym"

Long-term gym contracts – what gives? Dan is pissed as usual, and decides to take on his local gym after a scam that started out as a free trial contract, and discovers a world shattering conspiracy along the way.


Regular Show – "Gut Model"

Muscle Man is celebrating his fifth anniversary of employment at the park and wants the gang to go to dinner at Fry it Up, but everyone has plans. In an unusual twist, editors from Mommy Monthly magazine are hanging out at Fry it Up. The duo try to convince Muscle Man to be a Gut Model since he looks like a pregnant woman.


The Aquabats! Super Show! – "Premier"

The Aquabats! (a real live band!) work a birthday party, but leave it after an explosion at the Burrito Brothers Burger Hut. It doesn't stop there – all the burger joints in town are being attacked by masked men. I'd like to see Oasis try to fight supervillains.


The Regular Show air Monday nights on the Cartoon Network. Blade airs Friday nights on G4TV. Star Wars: The Clone Wars airs Friday nights on the Cartoon Network. Archer airs Thursday nights on FX. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Dan Vs. air Saturday afternoons on The Hub. Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice air Saturday mornings on the Cartoon Network, so turn your television on.


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Krieger's apartment was... as scary and weird as I imagined it to be. As a Canada City dweller, I enjoyed Krieger getting upset at YYZee vs YYZed (which is how it is supposed to be said in the correct Canada City fashion, eh.)