Kaiju fans probably already have their eager hands on issue #0 of the new Monsterpocalypse comic book, but the rest of us can head down to our local comic shop and put in a pre-order for issue #1 starting this week. Based on Privateer Press' upcoming collectible miniatures game, the comics will flesh out the back story of a global defense force that uses giant robots to fight off repeated attacks by giant alien (or other-dimensional) monsters. We've more details on the free limited edition figure you can get with the comics, along with some interior art previews.Globally United Advanced Research and Defense (GUARD) uses a giant robot called Sky Sentinel to protect Earth from all the giant monsters that are, apparently, constantly attacking. In the three-issue series (not counting #0) from Across the Pond Studios and Desperado Publishing, Sky Sentinel has just been repaired after being defeated by Gorghadra, a battle which resulted in the destruction of most of Chicago. Now, a new, horrible menace threatens New York City, and the Sky Sentinel crew has to leap into battle with a green commander they don't especially like.


Anyone who buys all three issues can send in the receipts to Privateer Press and get a free Mega Sky Sentinel miniature (basically a powered-up version of the basic Sky Sentinel). I saw the paint masters for some of the minis at Origins, and they look even better than I expected. The big launch for Monsterpocalypse will be at Gen Con Indy later this month. Images by: Across the Pond and Desperado. The Comic is Coming. [MonsterInsider]