The Monday Commentary Twack: Pick us a winner

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We're at it again, taking it to the internets and tweeting our way through a Netflix-albe genre flick of your choosing. So, choose wisely, and we'll see you tonight at 9:30 pm EST.


I've selected five likely subjects — all of which are available on Netflix Watch Instantly — and whichever gets the most votes will receive the honor of our merciless, merciless love.

So, vote below, and be sure to follow @io9commentary and the #io9moviemonday hashtag. We'll all see you tonight at 9:30pm EST!


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Looking at that picture it is hard to believe that The Avengers wasn't awesome. It looks super awesome, right? Also— Signs is so awful. I'm not an M. Night hater, or at least, not when he doesn't deserve it (like Airbender, which is insulting screen vomit). I liked Lady in the Water & The Village & such. Signs though, ugh.