The Moment Superhero Movies Hit Their Absolute Low Point

The cinema of superheroes didn't hit rock bottom with Roger Corman's Fantastic Four or Albert Pyun's Captain America. Nor did the carnival-esque 1966 Batman film represent a low-water mark. No, the absolute I've-fallen-and-I-can't-fly-up moment for the cape film came with Supergirl, the atrocious spin-off to the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. Just check out this sequence, where Helen Slater's Supergirl (who's just learned what a dingleberry is) takes an agonizingly long time to save her boy-toy from a construction vehicle that's telekinetically controlled by Faye Dunaway. If anybody ever complains that today's superhero films are too effects-heavy and action packed — or too long — point them to this clip.


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Charlie Jane Anders

@JennaW, Internet Tough Girl: It's true... Helen Slater RULES! Or RULED, in any case. I was so excited when I realized she was in this movie. Then my friend and I rented it, and... oh.