The Mind's Eye Trailer Answers the Question, 'What If Professor X Starred in a Horror Movie?'

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Two people with strong telepathic powers are hunted by a man who yearns to capture and harness their abilities for himself. The result is the lo-fi, but high fun thriller, The Mind’s Eye, and the first trailer is now here.

Directed by Joe Begos, The Mind’s Eye has played to strong festival reviews since Toronto last year and will open August 5. Here’s the trailer.

[Flickering Myth]

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How do we know Professor “X” isn’t already in a horror movie!

I mean he’s a bald weirdo hiding in a basement. He sends his minions out to hunt down little children. He then locks them in his compound, brainwashing them to be his future minions. You know he’s got everything under freaky surveillance, and the crap he does to them with his mind powers can barely be imagined.