The Mightiest Transformer Of All

Coming too late for last week's toy guide is this awesome pop-cultural mash-up of mythology, Marvel Comics and robots in disguise: The Thor Transformer. Click through to see the God That Thinks He's A 'Bot.

Capturing the classic essence of Jack Kirby's 1960s interpretation of the Norse God, the toy - part of Hasbro's arguably-misguided Transformers Crossovers line, which has already seen Transformer versions of Iron Man and Darth Vader, both of whom make slightly more sense than Thor, what with that whole "robotic armor" thing - even includes cybernetic versions of the Thunder God's flowing blonde locks, which... turn into the jet engines on the back of the plane he turns into, maybe? I don't know, and to be honest, I'm still confused as to why he turns into a plane in the first place instead of something more fitting, like a lightning rod or power station or something. Not that that will stop me from secretly coveting the toy when it's released next year.


New Images of Transformers Crossovers Thor [TFW2005]

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