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Sorry ladies, but milk-drinking superhero The Middleman doesn't have time for relationships, he's too busy saving the planet. Matt Keeslar, the real life face behind the Middleman revealed some sad secrets about Middleman's lonely life, along with some juicy future villain details (that involve both the undead and some trout) he and his trusty sidekick Wendy will have to fight on ABC Family's The Middleman.


Keeslar explained the darker and sad side to Middleman, pegging him as a "rugged individualist," forced into solitude. Keeslar says the audience, "will see how Middleman is kind of trapped by his job. That he has a hard time having a life outside of fighting comic-book evil. He's sort of hemmed in by the impractical life of constantly having to save the world. So when relationships develop, he often has to cut them short. He can't devote his attention to anything other than his work."

But at least the work is crazy interesting, including fighting trout-craving zombies that Middleman and Wendy have to attack by smearing fish innards all over themselves. I'll take a little loneliness as long as it comes with Middleman's adventures using fighting skills, "which range from WWF to Kung Fu," being used to rough-house with Mexican wrestlers in an Aztec pyramid, (which io9 brought you an exclusive first look at.)


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