The Metallo Smackdown That Smallville Won't Give You

Metallo, the cyborg with the heart of Kryptonite, makes his Smallville debut this Friday — but you won't see the kind of full-on Kryptonian/machine-man battle we feature in this exclusive clip from Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Not to mention a Bat-intervention.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is available On Demand and via Digital Download, and it also comes out on DVD and BluRay today. You can get it from the here. (You can read our review here.)


Here are some more clips, that have been posted on Youtube:


And here's some promotional artwork:

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I saw the movie last weekend and it pretty much is a 100% faithful adaptation of the original storyline.

The plotting was totally inane and driven by the fact that everyone Superman or Batman acted out of character/ idiotic.

The voice acting was excellent though, and the action/fight scenes were very well animated and directed.

Also they managed to keep the sexual/romantic tension between Superman and Batman intact too.