Last Friday, hundreds of fans of Felicia Day's hit webseries The Guild gathered in downtown Atlanta to meet Sandeep Parikh and Jeff Lewis, better known as Zaboo and Vork, plus director Sean Becker, and hear what's next for The Guild.

The crew started by showing off their video "Game On," an homage to Bollywood musicals.

Some audience questions about the video led to Parikh revealing how he got lucky enough to "tap Felicia Day's ass:"


They also talked about how the process for this video differed from the making of their earlier video, "Do You Want to Date My Avatar." This time around, it was easier, because they had the previous video to show people, which led to more dancers and crew members getting on board with the project.

For the most part, the fan questions were about the behind-the-scenes workings of the show itself. A question about the shooting schedule quickly turned into a discussion of the locations used for the show. Or rather, the one location: most of the scenes are actually shot in Day's home:


Parikh and Lewis reminisced some about the process of making season one of the show, which was filmed whenever enough money was donated, rather than all at once like the current seasons. "My hair continuity was a disaster:"

While Lewis said that the first shot they do is always the scripted version, they do get time to alter lines and give input to their characters. But Parikh also points out that their short schedule means that they can't ad-lib too much. Becker gives the actors credit for a few of their contributions.


No fan Q&A is complete until there is some talk about how much the actors are like their characters in real life. While Parikh insists he's not a stalker, Lewis admits he is pretty cheap. Becker said that most fans don't recognize Amy Okuda (Tinkerballa) in real life "because she's smiling," but they all agreed that "Vince is Vince."

The group also talked a bit about their various projects, including Parikh's directorial effort "The Legend of Neil." "I want to make my own stuff, and I want to make it my way," Parikh said, in response to a question about why he chose the webseries format.


When asked for acting advice, Parikh and Lewis both stressed the importance of improv training. Parikh also said that as a director, he appreciated actors who got behind the camera as well, so they could "learn what an actor goes through, or what a director is thinking."

They also found time to talk a bit about the comic book series for The Guild, and the recently announced prequel comics featuring their characters. Jeff Lewis announced that Vork will be the next to get the comic book treatment.

Looking ahead at the future of the show, Lewis answered that he's been fighting since season one for Vork to get a girlfriend, but was told, "It's just not realistic. In the only one word answer of the evening, the group said that more traditional media stars will be following Wil Wheaton's turn on the show, but declined to elaborate.


Photos provided by Daniel Gow