The Maxx And The Head Are Finally Coming To DVD

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Wonderful news! MTV is finally giving its great animation from the 1990s the tribute it deserves. The Maxx and The Head are coming back, on DVD. Rally your furry jungle bikinis and purple aliens!


Publisher's Weekly noticed this little gem on Amazon. Both complete series will be available soon, along with The Best of Rocko's Modern Life but when, we're not sure. There is no date as of right now, but we'll keep checking. Maybe this is the holiday miracle we've been dreaming about. Now all we need is the complete DVD set of Liquid Television, and we're set.


You can watch the first episode of the The Maxx, which was adapted from Sam Kieth's comic book below, along with the first episode of The Head.

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I've had "The Maxx" on my wishlist on VHS for years now, as a placeholder waiting for the DVD to come around. Had some hope when Aeon Flux came out as a movie, but then they didn't go anywhere with any of the other MTV shows so I nearly gave up hope... Then I went wishlist-browsing the other day, clicked through on a whim and there it was! Soooo happy.

Now if only they'd release that weird old vampire flick "Pale Blood" on DVD I'd be delighted.