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The Matrix Glitches as Black-and-White Comic The Walking Dead Becomes a Coloring Book

Illustration for article titled The Matrix Glitches as Black-and-White Comic iThe/i iWalking Dead/i Becomes a Coloring Book

The Walking Dead comic book is a relative rarity in the world of modern, mainstream comic, as each issue is in greyscale, rather than the normal full-color palette, making it a comic you could color at your pleasure. But now the zombie series is going to be an adult coloring book anyway


Bleeding Cool is reporting that the Walking Dead adult coloring book will join the likes of Game of Thrones, Outlander, and even a bunch of DC comic covers in May, according to a solicit from publishers Image Comics and Robert Kirkman’s entertainment company Skybound. It is, specifically, the comic version of the franchise rather than the wildly popular TV show, and thus presumably packed with the exact same black-and-white art already featured in the black-and-white comic.

The coloring book will cost $15.99, but I’ll save you some cash. Go purchase any issue of The Walking Dead for like, three bucks, preferably one of the earlier issues that weren’t quite so heavy on greyscale. Open it. Grab some crayons and go buck wild.


[Via Bleeding Cool]

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Yankton, née Spacemonkey Mafia

Be sure to keep plenty of burnt umber and firetruck red crayons handy.