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The Matilda Challenge Is All About Creating Magic With Your Friends

Daniel Gonzálaz stars in one of the many Matilda Challenge videos that have surfaced.
Image: Antonio Orozco (YouTube)

Having trouble cleaning up your room? Closing the kitchen cabinets? Turning off the television? Why not employ some magic? The “Matilda Challenge” is a fun new video trend that’s going to make you want to call your friends and family to make one of your own, like, now.


Last week, a YouTuber named Beto Pedraza created a short music video on the social media platform based around the “Little Bitty Pretty One” dance sequence in 1996's Matilda (though we’ve also found similar videos from earlier, like this one from May). With the assistance of a few helping hands—who weren’t always the best at concealing themselves—he charmingly recreated the magical dance number. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Since then, several people have created their own Matilda Challenge videos. The trend started in Central and South America, but has since spread all around the world, delighting Matilda fans everywhere...and Matilda herself, Mara Wilson, who’s been sharing several of the videos on Twitter.


I’m going to share a couple of them below, with varying degrees of success of course—but I also recommend checking out the #MatildaChallenge hashtag, because there are simply too many to put into one post. And if you make a Matilda Challenge video of your own, be sure to leave it in the comments. Let’s go make some magic!

Video Editor and Staff Writer at io9. My doppelganger is that rebelling greeting card from Futurama.

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Derek Metaltron

Nice! I hope Mara Wilson approves. And if you don’t like it you can eat a carrot. ;)