In some circles of the steampunk Star Wars universe this is known as the "Death Star," and it generates billions of calculations all day long in an effort to work with Arcane Mathematics and find a "Unified Force Theory" that can destroy entire planets.

Artist Eric Poulton has put together a series of pieces that reimagine Star Wars in a steampunk setting, and the coolest piece is probably this Engine/Death Star. Poulton says:

Inside is kilometer after kilometer of tubes and wheels, cranks and gears, all spinning and clacking, spitting out an endless series of numbers for the Imperials scientists to decipher.


It sure looks a lot more threatening than the real thing, and just knowing it could potentially kill you with the power of math is a bit offsetting. Poulton has also worked on a total conversion steampunk mod for Unreal Tournament called "Clockwork Cannons," and lends his art to videogames for his day job.

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