The Marvel Cinematic Universe Will Get Its First Animated Installment

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Hey, did you hear Robert Downey Jr. was supposed to make a "huge announcement" about the Avengers today on Good Morning America? No? Well, then consider yourself lucky because the "announcement" was a huge bust. At least we learned an animated MCU something-or-other is happening.


This actual news comes to us from Marvel's VP of Animation Development and Production Cort Lane, at the Marvel Animation panel at WonderCon. Literally, all he said was an animated MCU project was "in the works," but whether that's a theatrical animated movie, a direct-to-home video animated movie, or a new cartoon TV series is anyone's guess. However, I'm assuming it won't be the latter — Marvel is already building a little animated universe with Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider-Man and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon, and suddenly adding a show that takes place in the movie world seems needlessly confusing for the shows' young, intended audiences.

As for that "huge" Avengers announcement, Good Morning America announced that the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron would be on Good Morning America later this week (as well as Jimmy Kimmel Live). That would seem to be a huge announcement solely for the staff of Good Morning America, and not for anyone else, since it's just another talk show appearance. Oh well.


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Okay, after thinking about this I can think of 2 scenarios that could work:

1) It's an "Adventures of Captain America" cartoon that is actually a cartoon in the MCU, something little Coulson might have watched as a kid. It could show us more of Captain America's WWII adventures without having to devote an entire movie to them.

**The other could be a little spoiler-y, based on AoU rumors floating around, so WARNING**

2) There's a rumor going around that Hulk goes missing (possibly moved off-Earth by Ultron) at the end of AoU. In this scenario, it could be an animated Planet Hulk movie. It would probably be cheaper to do an animated version, since most of the movie would be CG anyway.

Either way, I think an animated installment probably is something that would add background to the movies, but isn't necessarily something everyone has /wants to watch.