"The Many Faces Of Spock" is a perplexing journey into Spock-worship

Imagine a magazine entirely devoted to images of Spock in different wigs, or at different weights. Welcome to The Many Faces Of Spock, issue #1, which is called "Beamed Up And Displaced."

Artist and publisher Ramsey Sibaja calls the magazine a "surreal, strange trip into the world of Star Trek. Well more specifically Spock . . . All the images are head-shots of Spock in various versions from music to pop culture. The same image repeated but with variations done to it to reflect Spock portrayed in various incarnations." OK . . . yeah. At least it's not a comment on our consumer culture, or a meditation the way repetition is actually a wish for death if you look at it psychoanalytically. Nope. It's just . . . Spock.

You can see a preview of the whole magazine, and order your very own copy for only $9.95, at MagCloud. (Thanks, Derek!)


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