The Many Easter Eggs Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past Revealed

Most X-Fans will likely know most of the trivia and comic references that packed Days of Future Past, but this six-minute video still probably has a few you missed. For instance, the deleted Rogue scene it describes sounds pretty great — I'm kind of sad it wasn't included. I bet Anna Paquin is, too.


Although since Anna Paquin's Rogue was depowered by the end of X3, how could she have replicated Kitty Pryde's powers in DoFP? Did she get them back, like Magneto got his powers back? Was the mutant "cure" a bust? I assume it must have been, because otherwise the Sentinels probably would have been forcibly curing mutants all these years instead of straight-up murdering them.

Feels like someone should have mentioned all this at some point. Enh, maybe it's in another deleted scene or something. Whatever. Watch the video.


[Via Blastr]

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Did anyone else notice Bryan Singer in the film? He was filming the scene in Paris.

Plus The Terminator ref. wasn't there, as Hugh Jackman said the script said Wolverine was in boxers, and he wanted to be nude, as he doesn't know a guy who wouldn't be sleep nude next to the woman he woke up next to.