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The Many Different Endings Of Wolverine Revealed

Illustration for article titled The Many Different Endings Of Wolverine Revealed

We've reported on the multiple after-the-credit Wolverine endings before. Now find out exactly what really happens to everyone's favorite character — no, not Wolverine. Beware, big fat spoilers.


The First ending comes from Comic Book Movie (who gave the film a glowing review). They reveal that after a few seconds of credits, we find Stryker facing some sort of repercussion for his somewhat ridiculous murder of an Army general. And then Wolverine deals with losing all his memories:

I don't know whether this is in fact true or not but in the cinema that I saw this film in after about 30 seconds of credits there was a scene with Stryker walking down a road and being stopped by several soldiers in regards to him killing a general earlier in the film. After the entire credits there is then the scene that I had previously heard about, of Wolverine sitting in a bar and speaking in Japanese saying that he is drinking to remember


But the really exciting ending is the return of Deadpool, found on the The Slumz message board (so take it with a grain of salt, of course):

Basically they zoom in on the rubble of the destroyed nuclear plant. We see Deadpools hand out of the rumble and then we see his head on the floor. We then see a guy in a long black over coat with his hood up, kneel down and pick up the head. We then hear dialogue as the camera pans around, " who the hell are you supposed to be?" and as it pans around we see its Wade Wilson. (Ryan Reynolds). then the screen fades to black. BTW its after the credits.

so Wade is alive and well... Weapon XI was a Wade Clone.... DEADPOOL lives

Update: A commenter below submitted this ending:

I got the Deadpool ending. No one in a black coat. The hand moves and we see that "Weapon XI's" head is sitting there and his mouth is now open and he says. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Thanks for the update!

So a much happier ending for DP, and the spin-off gods are pleased. Here's hoping that's a real ending.


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So.Stryker suddenly has cloning technology too?

Even if this was true it'd be a terrible half-assed last minute save.