How far do New Yorkers walk to get to their nearest subway station? Ben Wellington calculated the distance from each of Manhattan's station entrances to every one of the borough's residential buildings, and found the Manhattan address with the longest subway-schlep of all.

Wellington โ€“ a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Pratt Institute's City & Regional Planning Program and creator of the blog I Quant NY (which blog, if data is your thing, is just the most colossal time-suck) โ€“ created the map above by merging the MTA's data on subway station entrances with lot information provided by PLUTO, two databases made publicly available through NYC Open Data. It's color coded green and red to denote residences near to and far from MTA stations, respectively, but the real story is the penthouse atop 10 Gracie Square:

And there on the map lies the farthest residential building from a subway entrance in Manhattan according to my analysis:10 Gracie Square, located at the end of 84th street at the FDR Drive. It is 0.7 miles from the subway station as the crow flies, or 0.8 miles using the grid. My favorite part about the finding is that the Penthouse, which I guess is literally the farthest place you can live from the subway due to the longer ride down in the elevator, is currently on the market for $18.9 million, down from $23 million last year.


Wellington has also put together a Google Doc that lets you compare your subway-walk to the rest of Manhattan. Click through to check it out.

NB: The mundane title for Wellington's course at Pratt โ€“ Statistics: Fundamentals โ€“ belies the fact that his class is structured entirely around real, NYC Open Data, and the quantitative analysis of that data. Which, dammit if that doesn't sound like a class I'd kill to take.

[I Quant NY]