The Mandalorian's W. Earl Brown Recounts His Special Deadwood Reunion and Meeting Baby Yoda

Brown tending bar in a slightly different riff of the wild, wild west in last week’s The Mandalorian.
Brown tending bar in a slightly different riff of the wild, wild west in last week’s The Mandalorian.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

The Mandalorian returned last week, with big reveals, big aliens, and little Baby Yoda. But while we’re all excited about what its return sets up going forward, guest star W. Earl Brown is more than happy to fondly look back on tending bar in a galaxy far, far away.


Brown played an unnamed Weequay bartender in “Chapter 9" of the show, “The Marshal. Tending the lone drinking hole of small Tatooine settlement Mos Pelga, his character was a small but important part of the episode, putting our titular Bounty Hunter hero and his little asset on the path to meet Timothy Olyphant’s Cobb Vanth: the mysterious marshal wearing the recovered armor of Boba Fett.

For Wood himself though, it was something he’ll remember forever. After the episode aired, the actor took to Twitter now that he could finally reveal that he appeared in the show. He was, of course, previously under pages and pages of non-disclosure agreements. Fascinatingly, Brown filmed his scenes for season two just as the first season was beginning to air, so he’s had to keep it a secret for a year.

Not just that, he was being reunited with Olyphant, who he’d appeared alongside in Deadwood in a similar capacity. To his excitement, he also learned that the third actor in his bar scenes—with Pedro Pascal and Olyphant—was none other than one of the many, many adorable little puppets that are responsible for bringing Baby Yoda to life.


The whole thread is worth a read, from Wood recalling how he thought he’d never do a prosthetics-heavy role again after appearing in Angel, to his memory of seeing Star Wars for the first time, to having us imagining the Deadwood cut of “The Marshal” that has a lot more swearing in it.

It’s mostly joyful for just how palpable his passion and excitement for being part of Star Wars is—43 years on, it still having that impact on the people who become part of it is wonderful.


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That was awesome. Though, his surprise at there being a Baby Yoda makes me wonder how long ago they shot this episode. Before S1 launched?