The Mandalorian Documentary's First Trailer Goes Behind the Scenes on Bringing Baby Yoda to Life

Baby Yoda, once again star of the show.
Image: Lucasfilm
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You guys: Werner Herzog wanted to direct that baby so much. Give him a whole episode!

Disney has dropped the first trailer for Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, a surprise eight-part documentary series that will launch this Star Wars Day, May 4, on Disney+. Going behind the scenes on the first season of the hit Small Green Child show, the series will provide insight from roundtables featuring the directors, producers, and cast of the show, as well as behind-the-scenes footage from the production.

Which means yes, even more Baby Yoda footage to gawk at.

Does it rob a little of the magic of Baby Yoda to see the puppet in action, all its strings (well, metaphorical ones in the age of modern puppetry) attached for us to see? Maybe, but then you get director Deborah Chow recalling how Werner Herzog—who played the Imperial Remnant known only as “The Client” in the first season—would be directing the puppet itself like it was a real baby during his scenes, and your heart melts all over again.


Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian’s first episode will release on Disney+ May 4, alongside the final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Meanwhile, here’s a new poster for the documentary:

See, you know it’s behind the scenes because you can see a camera.
See, you know it’s behind the scenes because you can see a camera.
Image: Lucasfilm

Because when you’re Star Wars, even your behind-the-scenes footage gets a poster.


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A Werner Herzog-directed Star Wars film would be so good. In fact, if he could just make, like, an in-universe documentary about some weird aspect of the Star Wars universe, that would be awesome.