The Mandalorian Chapter 13 Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Right Here

Put your hands in the air, like you’re a baby that just don’t care!
Put your hands in the air, like you’re a baby that just don’t care!
Image: Lucasfilm

No more sidequests. No more bounties. Is this the day a legend of the Clone War and Rebellion alike meets Din Djarin? It’s time to gird yourself for The Mandalorian’s next chapter.

After last week’s trip to Nevarro for repairs (and a reunion with some old friends), our Mando and his little ward seem like they’re all set to follow the advice of Bo-Katan, and head to the planet Corvus, the city of Calodan specifically, to encounter none other than Ahsoka Tano. It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for ever since the first rumors came out, but is this going to be the time it happens, for real?

Ahsoka’s impending appearance isn’t the other lingering question we have. Sure there’s that whole tracking beacon thing installed on the Razor Crest by an agent working for Moff Gideon. Speaking of, there’s his whole deal with his army of mysterious Dark Troopers, too. But what if Gideon isn’t the only one tracking Din Djarin, and there’s a certain cloned son of a bounty hunter out there, too?


Suffice to say, there’s a lot that could happen in this week’s The Mandalorian. We don’t know just what right now, considering that, well, we’re writing this before it’s on air, and are not gifted with visions of the Force. But when it does, grab a macaron and join in the comments below to share your thoughts, spoilers, and maybe—just maybe—some excitable Ahsoka gifs if it’s finally time. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a full recap of the episode!

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What do you say about that? They did it, that’s Ahsoka. In live action. Spot on in pretty much every way. Which reminds me, as they kept her Rebels lightsaber design can we maybe get a really good replica that isn’t six foot wide? Thanks in advance oh Disney merchandising overlords.

Love that her intro is basically the light side version of the Rogue One corridor scene. Absolutely the right way to do it, after all at this point in the Galaxy she basically IS the light side Vader. Loved that pretty much everything she does here is effortless and having the town people in play was a great way to stop this being a five minute episode. Same with her need for info stopping the magistrate fight from just being a slaughter (though that ‘oh.... shit’ look from Maggie when Ahsoka clearly stops playing was perfection).

Was grinning like a loon from start to finish but genuinely teared up in the middle section. To hear Ahsoka, in live action, echo Obi’s lines from New Hope... god, chills. Oh, and the fight with Mando basically being thirty seconds before he realises he’s so out of his depth he can’t see the surface had me chuckling. As did Ahsoka’s little amused looks whenever he thinks he knows what he’s talking about, nice to see that trend’s still going in this show ;-)

And then, just for the hell of it... Thrawn! Disney can afford Lars Mikkelsen, right? He’d even be about the right age for Thrawn at this point in the timeline. If you’d said at the end of Rebels we had a chance of getting the follow-up in live action and with this level of quality... well, would anyone have believed it?

Two last quick thoughts: Absolutely the right choice not to cast Ashley Eckstein. I absolutely love how she’s brought Ahsoka to life over the years and by all accounts she’s a wonderful human being into the bargain... but she just wouldn’t have the same physical presence as Rosario Dawson. Plus Ahsoka only coming up chest high on Mando would have been ridiculous. Hopefully that argument dies with this and doesn’t become yet another endless ‘debate’.

And lastly which fandom will have the bigger collective squee this year? Star Wars fans over, well, this entire episode or She-Ra over... uh... well you probably all know what but let’s not drop spoilers for another show, bad form and all that.