The Mandalorian Chapter 11 Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Right Here

Let’s do some work and move onto Chapter 11.
Let’s do some work and move onto Chapter 11.
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Grab yourself a few deviled eggs and settle in for the latest episode of The Mandalorian.


Chapter 11 debuts Friday morning on Disney+ and, we think, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and The Child are finally going to find other Mandalorians. Does that mean we’ll see live-action Bo-Katan? Will we finally learn who Sasha Banks’ character is? Maybe see Moff Gideon’s ship?

Those things, we don’t know. We wrote this before the episode aired. We do know The Child should be full from eating all those frog eggs and that, below, we want you to have a chance to discuss the episode with no restrictions.

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Below, discuss full spoilers on Chapter 11 and check back Friday afternoon for our full recap.

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I think I ruptured something, too much KermitFlail....

From the opening nod to Serenity (anyone else waiting for a line about the primary buffer panel falling off?) through the first, oh, ten minutes or so it was decent. Nice location, *seriously* nice creature work and something we haven’t really seen in Star Wars before with actual sailing on the ocean it was settling in to be an interesting ride. And then...

After a moment ofwait... is that who I think it is?” we got the full reveal and Bo Katan was just glorious. Any doubts evaporate just after the rescue: “Hmm, is that *really Bo Ka...*Ship Explodes* Oh. Never mind.”. Nice mirroring of her coming to Ahsoka in S7 of Clone Wars too. Katie Sackhoff absolutely nailed it (which, I mean, no surprise but voice actor to live action doesn’t always work) and I really hope she got to keep a set of the armour ;-) Been saying ever since the end of series 1 that having the Darksabre is likely hazardous to your health considering who might be after it, nice to see that holds true.

Everything after the other Mando’s turn up was fantastic to be honest. Great action scenes, continuing to build up our series big bad as a threat without overdoing it, mention of a wider story that we’re just dipping in and out of... al gold. And then... and then... that line. Not gonna lie but Mando finding his next quest giver might just be my most anticipated SW moment.... ever, actually.

At this point the rumours seem to be true so I’ve got no worries about them nailing this one. Though I’m really, really hoping we get a dip into the movie soundtracks for a decent blast of the Force Theme when we see Ahsoka. Preferably when she explains the Force to Mando, echoing Yoda and Obi. I was gonna say when we get our first lightsabre spark in this series but after a bit of thinking no, that should be Ahsoka’s theme, preferably expanding on the epic version we heard briefly in Rebels when she faces the inquisitors for the first time.

One last side note, more I think about it the more I like they made Bo’s quest for the Darksabre about reuniting her people. Give a *really* good reason not to just ask Ahsoka for a favour. Because, let’s face it, if this is the standard of the Imp forces at this point Ahsoka could spend a leisurely hour or two carving her way from the pointy bit of a Star Destroyer to the bridge and beat His Moffness in about three seconds flat. But that doesn’t give Bo the authority she needs so we’re good to go.