The man who designed the Incredible Hulk brings us robots with memory problems

He designed the beasts for I Am Legend, War of the Worlds, The Incredible Hulk, and more! Now creature creator Aaron Sims is directing his own flick about a giant robot who somehow remembers being a human. Watch the amazing teaser trailer now for Archetype.


Aaron Sims, who is currently working on developing characters for Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Amazing Spider-Man, has just released this short teaser trailer for Archetype, which has the fantastic tagline "Your memories are just a glitch." We like the premise (a robot that remembers despite its maker's wishes to suppress these odd "glitches") and love Sims' past work. Consider us excited for an android feature that isn't about Rock'em Sock'em Robots.

RL7 is an eight foot tall combat robot. Only problem is he's starting to remember once being human. Now on the run from an all powerful corporation that will stop at nothing to destroy him RL7 desperately searches for the truth behind his mysterious memories before it's too late.


[Archetype Movie via Quiet Earth]


Eyeborgs (cyborg security cameras in the near future with giant eyes) is finally coming out on DVD. And if Highlander's Adrian Paul playing the ridiculously named character "R. J. 'Gunner' Reynolds" doesn't tempt you to purchase this C-movie gem, then perhaps this new trailer with Danny Trejo will. Never trust a robot with eyes!

Mrs. Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room

Almost a year ago we showed you the fantastical trailer for the short film Mrs. Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room directed by Mike Le Han. And now the entire "dark fantasy" short is finally out. Remember, no good can come of books!


Hellacious Acres: The Case Of John Glass

Part comedy (well we laughed anyway) part post-apocalyptic tragedy, we're pretty charmed by this trailer for director Pat Tremblay's flick. We just like the idea that one super-soldier out there is just so sick of dealing with the end of the world, that he complains to no one as if he was out for drinks with an annoyed co-worker. [Via Twitch]

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Forge Animation is working on a very peculiar film set in a world with oppressive winds. The animated feature (made in English) and directed by the wonderful Jan Kounen. We love the released image, plus we're excited to see how the creatures living in extreme winds change their lives to deal with the problem. Here's a quickie intro/synopsis via Twitch.


[Via Catsuka]


Plan Of The City

A gorgeous musical compilation paired with a zany short (which includes the musicians) you won't be able to stop watching this little musical short "Plan Of The City" directed by Joshua Frankel and composed by Judd Greenstein and the NOW Ensemble. It's just good old fashion Mars colonizing dance party fun. For more information on the musicians and short check out the vimeo page.


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Archetype seems to be a merging of Robocop and I, Robot (the book, not the Will Smith vechicle).