We've previously looked at musical fungus and Austrian gardening aficionados who turned their crops into euphony.


But arguably the most maniacal botanical musician out there is Junji Koyama, a vegetable sculptor hell-bent on carving every edible plant into a musical device. He's been posting his roughage ditties online for years, and here's his greatest hits collection.

Let's start it off with his most recent contraption, the celery nose flute.

Here he is demonstrating the power of his radish slide whistle.

A carrot pan flute.

The rare ostrich egg serenade.

"Home Sweet Home" on a giant carrot.

A trumpet, by way of a cucumber and a pepper.

An entire damn cabbage.

"Happy Birthday" with a number of his creations.

"Mary Had A Little Lamb," by way of water spinach. This is also attempted with a mushroom, an avocado, ginger, onion, and an orange.

The legendary banana ocarina. Can you hear the potassium?

That broccoli sounds fantastic.

Finally, here's a brief video biography of Koyama from 2010 explaining how he got into the biological music game. You can find many more of his compositions at his YouTube page.

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