He may have died and returned to life in the early '90s, but this summer, DC Comics are going to give us what we've all been waiting for: Zombie Superman. No, really. Spoilers ahead.


The Undead Man of Steel will be just one of many superpowered zombies appearing throughout the publisher's line, as part of their big summer storyline, The Blackest Night; the identity of the zombie characters - or "Black Lanterns," as they're going to be called in the comics themselves - was supposed to be kept secret, but DC themselves accidentally spoiled two reveals with their latest action figure solicitation to retailers, identifying both Superman and the recently-murdered Martian Manhunter as two future Black Lanterns.

To comfort the Superman fans amongst you; it's not "our" Superman who'll be zombiefied; it's the Superman of parallel Earth, Earth-2, who was revealed to have been missing in last year's Justice Society of America Annual, written by Blackest Night writer Geoff Johns. If it hadn't been spoiled six months ahead of time, it would've made for a fun, and unexpected, reveal. Maybe I need to rethink my stance on spoilers...

Top image by Ryan Ottley.

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