The Man in the High Castle Season Two Is Officially Happening

Illustration for article titled iThe Man in the High Castle/i Season Two Is Officially Happening

The producers of alternate-history drama The Man in the High Castle spent eight years struggling to bring the Philip K. Dick adaptation to the screen. Now, after an extremely well-received first season, Amazon has just renewed the show for a second season.


As Deadline reports, the new episodes are expected to stream starting next year.

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Maj. Malfunction

The season got better as it started to make the adults more prominent, specifically John Smith and Childan. The Obergrupenfuhrer is certainly evil, but Sewell is the best actor on the show by a country mile. I liked Tagome, too.

Davalos doesn’t seem to have the range for this role, and her dueling boyfriends are ciphers, too.