Image: The Orchard
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He’s back, and he’s got a scary new ’do: “Josef” (Mark Duplass), title character of 2014 cult horror movie Creep, returns to torment a freshly plucked-from-Craigslist victim in Creep 2. Even if you’ve sworn off found-footage horror, the Creep series has so much nerve-jangling fun with the genre that you really should consider making an exception.

The sequel—actually part two of a planned trilogy—is once again directed and co-written (with Duplass) by Patrick Brice, though (spoiler alert) Brice’s doomed character from part one obviously doesn’t appear here. That damn wolf mask, however, looks like it’ll be coming back out to play. Creep 2 is due out digitally October 24, followed soon after by a Netflix release.