Cover art for the first book in the series, The Name of the Wind.

We already knew that author Pat Rothfuss and Lin-Manuel Miranda were going to be a part of Lionsgate’s epic-scaled TV/movie adaptation, but now the show has found its most direct creative lead: John Rogers, the creator of the delightful Librarians series.

According to Deadline, Rogers will both write the pilot for the show and executive produce the wider series alongside Rothfuss and Miranda. The show itself is just part of the massive plan for turning Rothfuss’ fantasy novels into a live-action franchise; there’s also plans for concurrent movies that will actually adapt the trilogy of novels, while the TV show itself will form a sort of expanded universe to flesh out the world in Rothfuss’ books.


Considering how much we love The Librarians, we can’t wait to see what Rogers does with this world.

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