The makers of Jurassic Park talk about the future of (scifi) dinosaurs

We recently asked three of Jurassic Park's special effects wizards what they'd do with dinosaurs today, using all-new technology and cutting-edge paleontological knowledge. Here's what they had to say, and how it will affect the new Jurassic Park blu-rays.


As part of the launch for the new Jurassic Park trilogy blu-ray, we had the chance to talk with three of the people responsible for Jurassic Park's groundbreaking special effects. Going from left to right in the video up top, there's Dennis Muren, a CGI pioneer who has won eight Oscars for visual effects; Phil Tippett, who handled much of the creature design work and ensured the realism of the movie's dinosaurs; and John Rosengrant, who worked on creature effects and operated animatronics for the movie. We asked them what they would do with dinosaurs today, armed with twenty years' worth of advances in both CGI technology and our knowledge of the dinosaurs - such as the fact that many dinosaurs had feathers.

Dennis Muren said he'd like to use the technological advances to really explore the culture of the dinosaurs and see what they're up to when they're not devouring humans - give it a feeling more like a nature documentary than a monster movie, complete with 3D and 1080p. He admitted that the audience for such a movie might not be quite as large as the one for the original Jurassic Park. John Rosengrant, for his part, said he'd definitely want to continue one of the goals of the original Jurassic Park, which was to incorporate as much real paleontology as possible, and adding feathered dinosaurs into the mix would be an obvious next step.

We also got to speak with Ariana Richards, who played young Lex Murphy in Jurassic Park and The Lost World. We asked her which of the movies' two iconic dinosaur villains is scarier, and she gave the nod to velociraptors, pointing to the iconic kitchen scene as the scariest part of the movie. We also asked what it feels like to be part of the pantheon of monster movie screamers, and how she captures the soul of dinosaurs in her work as a portrait artist.

The Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy blu-ray will be released October 25, complete with an insanely comprehensive (and actually pretty excellent) two-hour documentary covering the making of all three movies, with a special emphasis on the original movie.


I had something of a crash on little Alex back in the day.. She looks so much old(er).. :existential self-aware sigh:

JP1 is and was one of the iconic films of my preteen childhood. Other two films were rubbish in comparison..